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Educating the citizens of Wisconsin on the history and importance of our forests in the continued growth of our state.

Wisconsin Forest History Event - Sept 17, 2020

Sponsored by the Forest History Association of Wisconsin
Forging Sustainable Forestry 1911 – “Wisconsin’s First Forest Rangers”

11:30 am Luncheon Presentation – Anglers Restaurant, Manitowish Waters, WI 

6101 CR-W, Manitowish Waters, WI 54545

Starting in 1911-12, a thin line of determined forest rangers stepped-up to serve Wisconsin as environmental champions.  In addition to battling fires, timber trespassers, blight, and reclaiming cut-over lands, forest rangers also overcame political and economic obstacles. Before World War II, both active and former forest rangers persevered, with strong work in the field and in politics spheres. Ultimately, protecting Wisconsin’s great forests. From E. M. Griffith’s 20th century vision of forestry to President FD. Roosevelt empowering our rangers with “tree armies”, Wisconsin’s forestry legacy remains a centerpiece of our state’s identity today.

  Core of the Restaurant structure was built in 1912 as the “Rest Lake Ranger Station of the Wisconsin Conservation Dept. Talk followed by a walking tour of “Station Grounds” followed by a visit to remnants of a near-by early Logging Camp, and finally, a stop at the site of Camp Mercer, an Administrative CCC Camp from the 1930’s. 


Luncheon, “Anglers” in Manitowish Waters Thursday Sept 17th, 11:30

(Seating for 1st 30 registrants – “Badger Bounce Back” Social Distancing Guidance enforced)

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Menominee Logging Camp
Keshena , wisconsin

Rhinelander Logging Museum Poineer Park Historical Complex
Rhinelander, Wisconsin