About Us

The Forest History Association of Wisconsin is dedicated to the discovery, interpretation, and preservation of the forest history legacy of the State of Wisconsin. Materials deeded to the Association are archived at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point campus, Albertson Learning Resource Center, 5th Floor Archives. The primary focus of the Association is upon the forests of Wisconsin and upon all activities related to those forests, especially during recorded times.

Our Mission

To educate the citizens of Wisconsin in the importance and drama the history of the State’s forests as this history applies to the development and continued growth of the State.

To stimulate a continued interest in Forest History of Wisconsin amongst the citizens, scholars, and writers of the State.

To discover original source materials related to the Forest History of Wisconsin and to ensure the preservation, registration, and cataloguing of this material for free use by all researchers.

To assist in the publication and distribution of works related to the Forest History of Wisconsin by those who have completed substantive research on that subject

Our Leaders

Don Schnitzler
John Grosman
Bob Walkner
Mike Sohasky
Ed Forrester
Arno Helm
Bridget O'Brien
Robert Brisson
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