Latest Past Events

Heritage & Success of Wisconsin’s School Forest Program

Virtual Zoom Webinar

Presenters: Stephen Schmidt & Gretchen Marshall As the Wisconsin School Forest Program approaches its Centennial (2028), join us for look back at how early visionaries established the first school forests and how these forests have multiplied and evolved to become model outdoor classrooms for sustainable management and much more.

Hemlock Bark and Wisconsin’s Tanning Industry:The World Walked on Milwaukee Leather

Virtual Zoom Webinar

Presenter: John Bates Milwaukee led the world in tanning leather in the early 1900s, though tanneries were in operation throughout all of Wisconsin from the mid-1800s to the early 1920s. Most used hemlock bark for tanning the leather, thus hemlock trees were cut down by the tens of millions to supply the tanneries. The tanbark…

Wisconsin’s Fire Towers – 1911 to the Present Day

Virtual Zoom Webinar

Presenter: Ricky Kubicek Transcending their original purpose as monumental-scale tools, Wisconsin’s fire towers inhabit a special sense of place for the state’s residents. While the function of towers has shifted over the past 20-30 years from that of key component of the fire protection system to a charismatic landscape anachronism, they remain fixed in memory.