FHAW Woodchips

The first issue of the FHAW Woodchips, an electronic monthly newsletter was delivered to FHAW members’ email addresses on September 1st, 2013. The electronic format enables the association to deliver FHAW news, upcoming events and selected articles related to our Wisconsin forests and the interest of our members in a timely and economic manner. 

Hyperlinks embedded into Woodchips allow readers to enjoy featured video and audio presentations of interest with just a simple click of their mouse. If you couldn’t attend a FHAW event, with this new format you might be able to watch a video recording of it from the comfort of your home. Just as the association might share recorded events, FHAW members can also share links to their local events that may be of interest to other FHAW members. Just contact your editor to make those arrangements. Besides links to available audio and video presentations, other hyperlinks will take you to full articles of items in the news from local, state, national and even international forestry and environmental organizations. 

Finally an attempt will be made to include in each issue of Woodchips a link to one, two, or three upcoming Wisconsin events that might be of interest to FHAW members. While Woodchips will be delivered once a month, the FHAW newsletter, Chips and Sawdust, will continue to be distributed quarterly. There may be some content overlap between the two publications, just to keep everyone informed of association activities, but that duplication is anticipated to be minimal. If you are not receiving Woodchips delivered to your e-mail’s inbox, chances are that the FHAW does not have a currrnt e-mail address in our records for you. To make sure future issues are delivered to you, send your e-mail address to the FHAW editor, Don Schnitzler at schnitzler.donald@charter.net.