Join the Forest History Association of Wisconsin and assist us in developing the historical aspects of Wisconsin’s Forestry and logging industry.

We also accept contributions for our student awards, our Capital Fund and operations.

Member Benefits

  • Woodchips: an electronic monthly newsletter targeting hot topics and history of Wisconsin’s natural resources
  • Chips and Sawdust: the quarterly print newsletter highlighting the Association’s current activities and historical and human-interest articles on forestry related topics
  • Annual Proceedings: A print record of presentations, reports and activities given at the Association’s yearly conference
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in the:
    • Forest History Association of Wisconsin’s Annual Conferences, and
    • Association’s monthly webinars
  • View archived presentations of the Association's conferences and webinar presentations
  • Ability to share and preserve the forest-related stories of your family or community in print or orally through newsletters or presentations
  • Camaraderie of like-minded individuals working to Preserve, Archive and Publish the forest history of Wisconsin
  • Support the mission of the Association by collaboration and cooperation as a member, committee member or as a member of the board of directors.
  • In cooperation with the Wisconsin Historical Society, support National History Day activities of Wisconsin's middle and high school students
  • Provide scholarship/internship opportunities to university students
  • Access the Association's traveling exhibits for local events
  • Access digital resources made available on the Association's website or through the Association’s archives at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Tax deductible membership dues